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What are SNAP Services?

SNAP (Students Needing Access Parity)

SNAP Services provides assistance and guidance to students with a documented disability to ensure equal access to all programs and services of the College.

Who Should Apply?

  • Students with a documented learning disability, attention deficit, physical disability or psychological disability
  • Students who received accommodations in high school
  • Students who have extreme difficulty with language or mathematics courses despite studying an inordinate amount of time

How do I apply?

  • Complete a SNAP application form, which can be obtained on the Center for Disability Services (CDS) website or by calling 843.953.1431.
  • Submit the application and required documents to CDS/SNAP Services.
  • Students will receive a letter of approval or denial within two to four weeks.If approved,make an appointment with a SNAP administrator to identify the services available to you; if denied,you may appeal to the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards.

Services Provided

Once a student is approved,SNAP Services provides:

  • special advising and registration;
  • reasonable accommodations specific to individual needs,based on medical documentation or psycho-educational assessment;
  • communication with instructors, upon request,to
  • make them aware of individual student needs and to identify reasonable accommodations;
  • assistive technology (including reading software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, JAWS and Zoom Text);
  • alternative courses to foreign language and mathematics/logic requirements if need is documented.

(If math is considered to be an essential component of the student’s major- a major in education or business,for example- alternatives to math/logic may not be used.)

Contact Us

Telephone: 843.953.1431
Fax: 843.953.7731
SC Relay System: 711 (within SC) or 1.800.735.2905 nationally


Center for Disability Services
The Center for Disability Services is dedicated to ensuring that all programs and services of the College of Charleston are accessible.

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