How do I get an email account?

Student Email or Cmail

Cmail is the College’s student email system powered by Google.

All College of Charleston applicants who have paid their tuition deposit with intent to enroll at the College of Charleston have a email account that is accessible through Your Cmail account is used by the College to contact students with vital information, such as Financial Aid and class registration dates.  You will receive information about the account and password at the email address you used on your application 48 hours after your tuition deposit is processed. 

Faculty and Staff Email

Email accounts are created when you are hired if you are a permanent employee, or a faculty or adjunct faculty member. E-mail accounts are created for all others upon request by your supervisor. A Cougars account, which allows login to campus PCs and MyCharleston, is created for EVERY employee when hired.

Your email address at the College of Charleston is your Cougars username with appended to it. For example, if your name was John Smith and your username was smithj, your email address would be This account is created upon your hiring at the College. If you don’t know your email account name and password, contact Helpdesk at 843.953.3375 or If you need an email account set up, please contact your supervisor or department chair.