How much is tuition?

The College of Charleston Board of Trustees set tuition and fees for the subsequent academic year @ July 1st.   Current tuition and fees for the College of Charleston may be found on the Treasurer’s Office website.

As a state-affiliated institution, the College of Charleston’s fees are based on appropriations granted by the South Carolina General Assembly. Accordingly, the fees charged by the college will be directly affected by the action of the legislature and are therefore subject to change without notice. All fees are due and payable in full before or during the official registration. Checks for the exact amount of charges should be made payable to the College of Charleston.

Legal Residency: Requirements regarding the establishment of legal residency for fees and tuition purposes are governed by legislation set forth by the South Carolina General Assembly. Under the law, resident status for fee and tuition purposes can be established by independent citizens, military/dependents, and certain aliens. There are also provisions applicable to resident classification of dependent persons. Physical presence in the state solely for educational purposes does not constitute establishment of South Carolina residency for fee and tuition purposes. Contact the Office of Legal Residency for information pertaining to eligibility, and applications.